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Does your Patio need a roof? A Gable Roof is just the thing! We know that you‘ve seen them. Even the Three Little Pigs specialised in Gable Roof construction. We can put a Gable Roof on your Patio that fits perfectly with your home and just screams I’m home! Why not enjoy the comfort of what’s available inside your house outside? We know that you work hard and darn it you should enjoy the fruits of your labour! We want to make that happen. That’s why we offer so many options and a Gable Roof to cover your Patio is the perfect option.

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Understanding Gable Roofs

So what’s in a Gable Roof? Well, think of the last time you, your child, your niece or nephew drew a picture of home. The kids probably threw together a drawing without even giving it a second thought.

A Gable Roof is two sloping side that meet to form a ridge…an upside down V if you will. The triangle that comprises the ends is a Gable. The pitch of the roof allows for drainage and in some cases even snow melts to effectively drain from the roof and not settle on top causing leaks and undue pressure.

As simple a design as the Gable Roof is to go over your Patio, you can see it is highly functional as well. On the inside the Gable Roof offers more headroom down the center, making it easy to install lighting or fans and keep them well out of the way of even your tall friends!

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Design Advantages of Gable Patios

Gable Patios offer unique design advantages. One, the square patio beneath lends itself to furniture placement that is easy and pleasing to the eye. Straight lines and 90° angels are easier to work with than anything else, making this style cost-effective, fun and simple.

Strength and Durability: Our Construction Material

Just look at how fast The Three Little Pigs were able to put up those houses. Of course, we’re not worried about anyone or the weather blowing your Gable Patio down and you shouldn’t be either.

Our Gable Roofs are constructed of Australian-made BlueScope® Steel! It’s the strongest stuff on Earth! Well, mostly. For our purposes and yours, it may as well be. Blue Scope® Cyclone Rated Steel is it! Once it’s installed, it’s not going anywhere.

Think of the protection that offers! Now you are covered for storms, hail, wind, excessive sun, you name it, this Gable Roof over your Patio is going to keep you dry in rain, cooler in the face of all that sun and protected in a storm.

Do you like to watch the thunderstorms roll through? Well now you can do it in style, beneath your Gable Roof Patio, all while keeping dry.

Colour Options for Your Gable Roof

Don’t forget the Colorbond® colour pallet that we offer. Your BlueScope® Steel Gable Roof is available in an array of Colorbond® colours to rival anything currently on your block!

We can tie into the color of your existing structure to keep a low-profile or make it a stand out with complimentary colours! It all depends on the look you are going for.

Our designers can help you decide what is best. They know all the current trends and they know how to make your Gable Roof Patio a classic, timeless design as well.

Getting Started with Your Gable Roof Installation

We love installing Gable Roofs and tying everything into your existing roof line makes it that much nicer. Let’s get started with a free measure and quote. We can come to your location and discuss the options, measure your space and give you are best advice…for free!

How many companies offer to do that? It’s quite simply what we do. We will send a designer, engineer, whatever it takes. We want you to feel comfortable with your decisions and with our designs. We will go over them again and again until you are excited about your choices and ready to move forward.

Once a design is locked in, materials are ordered and your installation is scheduled, we’ll be out to put everything in place and make your Gable Roof Patio a reality!

DIY Gable Roof Kits

If you really want to take control of this project and keep it all to yourself, we can help with that too….a little. Don’t worry we’ll stay out of site. This is all you. We offer DIY KITs. You can unpack it under the carport so no one sees, lay out some power tools, make lots of noise and carry each piece to its desired location. The neighbors will think you are running your own construction crew and you are the handiest dandy on the block!

We’re not going to tell! With our DIY Gable Roof KIT, you get your hands dirty…a little and look like the neighborhood hero! Wait till they see you out there preparing romantic candle-lit dinners or relaxing outside on your Gable Patio when the heat is burning them up in their yards. Of course, if you really want points with the neighbors’, invite them over for a tea and talk construction points with them! In their eyes you’ve gone from zero to hero in about 6 seconds! Of course we know you were never a zero.

You were smart enough to call WA Patios for your Gable Roof or Gable Patio and now you’re sitting pretty beneath your own Gable Roof!

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