Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a building permit to build a patio?

Yes, before we are able to build your patio, we need approval from your local council to do so. This is called a ‘Building Permit’ and can take anywhere from a few days up to 6 weeks to receive. Sometimes your patio may require Planning approval before a building permit can be granted and this will delay the approval process somewhat depending on your shire.

The average waiting time for a council to grant this is 3 weeks. Once we have a ‘Building Permit’, we aim to have your patio built within 2 weeks. The average time from start to finish is around 6 weeks.

Yes, we can apply for council approval on your behalf. We will submit all the required drawings, site plans and engineering requirements and ensure that the whole process is completed in the quickest possible time. If this is something you wish to do yourself we can still supply all the required paper work for you to hand in.

How big can I make my patio?

There are many factors that affect this decision. All homes are meant to comply with the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia. This document details requirement and conditions that govern your patio addition which includes setbacks from fences, heights of the proposed structure and the maximum sizes possible depending on the size of the property. We will work with you and your idea to make sure that you comply with the standards.

How close to my neighbour’s fence can I get?

With a signed consent form, we are able to build the patio up to 500mm from the fence line. Without this document, the patio roof and columns must be no closer than 1.0m from a neighbouring fence line. It can even be possible to put the columns of the patio right up against the fence line as long as the roofline remains 500mm off.

Usually requesting to put the patio closer than 1.0m will require a planning application, as well as a building application and extra fees, are usually involved.

If I want to go ahead with the quote you have given me, how much deposit do we need to pay?

Payment terms are set up so you pay a small deposit. Once we have obtained shire approval and we have begun manufacturing on your patio we require a progress payment. We leave a large portion of the payment until the end once you are completely satisfied with your finished patio.

What warranty do I get on my new patio?

All of the materials in your Patio that are supplied by us are of the finest quality and are built to last as Australian products. Our workmanship is guaranteed for life. Our goal is to have you purchase again and again as you upgrade your house or move home. In the unlikely event of a problem arising with our workmanship, we will fix this immediately. Steel items in a patio have no warranty. We do recommend your cleaning your patio regularly to prevent any future issues.

Does my patio include Gutters and Downpipes?

All of our patios include gutters and downpipes that comply with the Building Code of Australia. We ensure that the correct size guttering and Downpipes are included to handle the extremes of a Perth winter storm.

How do I know my patio won’t blow away? There are requirements in the building license that we receive before building your patio that the structure complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The Patio Factory use the services of a certified structural engineer who ensures all of our patio designs comply with the BCA.

Why should I choose a Colorbond steel patio instead of a timber patio?

There are a number of features of Colorbond Steel patios that make them a great alternative to timber patios: A Beautiful and elegant appearance. Quick and clean installation Superior durability Forest friendly No painting No termite treatments required Considerably less weight load on your house Minimal ongoing maintenance.

Does it cost any more for certain colours?

No, no matter what colour you choose out of the Colorbond range, we do not charge any extra.

Is the price you have given your best price?

The prices we quote are very competitive and we only give our best price straight up.

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