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Zipscreen® Patio Blinds

Zipscreen® Outdoor Blinds

Zipscreen® brand blinds are designed specifically for outdoor patios and verandahs to make your alfresco living area more comfortable by keeping you warm on cool winter evenings and cool on hot summer days.

The Zipscreen® brand outdoor blind is purposely designed with slotted side tracks on both sides of the blind, allowing the fabric to raise and lower with a light touch and stopping at any position you like.

Zipscreen® Blinds Fabric Colours

Zipscreen® blinds are available in the ECO Mesh range of colours. The ECO Mesh fabric is designed for outdoor applications. The ECO Mesh provides high UV, shade, wind, and rain block characteristics, making it the ideal fabric for all-weather applications.

ECO mesh is also fire rated and resists abrasion.  ECO Mesh fabric also offers effective shading without restricting airflow or cross ventilation. ECO Mesh comes with a 5-year performance warranty.  ECO Mesh is a LEAD-FREE product and is suitable for patio, carport, verandah and household blinds and screens.

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